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DIY Pergola Installation vs Professional Installation


Do you know that the first pergolas belonged to the wealthy and high court officials in Egypt? No wonder the Egyptians loved pergolas during the dry, hot season in Thebes in 1400 BC. More ideas came when the Romans also used pergolas and aesthetically added grape vines that would beautify the columns and pillars of their pergolas. And now, pergolas in Lafayette, LA, are among the best kinds of modernized pergolas made up of different materials.


If you are planning to have a pergola to beautify or add value to your home, will you personally build it or have professionals build it for you? Here are some things you should consider:


Why a DIY Pergola Installation is Not a Good Idea

Here is a list of reasons why a DIY pergola installation is not the right choice, especially if your preferred pergola is a bit sophisticated with a retractable roof and has other detailed features and details.

  • Tools and Equipment

    The first question to ponder is, “Do you have the necessary tools and right equipment to build your dream pergola?” Building your preferred pergola is not something you can envision and build with just any tool. You will need advanced pieces of equipment and must know how to appropriately use them.

  • Knowledge

    Another reason why a DIY pergola is not a good idea is because of limited knowledge about the building process. It has a complexity that only professional pergola builders possess. Also, you have to be more than knowledgeable to build a pergola. The structures should be sturdy enough to be considered safe to use.

  • Time and Energy-consuming

    Bear in mind that the building process of a pergola is not something you can build now and finish tomorrow. It requires days or even weeks to properly calculate and build its strong foundations. Plus, it also requires a lot of manpower and energy to do everything alone. This is one reason why pergola construction in Lafayette, LA, should be left to professionals.

  • Loss of Money

    If you have bought the materials you needed to build your pergola, only to realize that you have bought the wrong ones, then you have only spent your money on nothing. Also, if the building process went wrong, you would have lost a considerable amount of money.


Why Professional Installation is the Best Option

  • Save Time and Energy

    With the help of professionals, you need not worry about breaking a sweat or breaking your back over the building process. Professional builders work efficiently and have the right tools and modernized equipment to build the pergola the way you want it.

  • Craftsmanship and Satisfying Results

    We all know that professionals have the best-rated services, so you don’t have to worry about them not meeting your expectations. Additionally, if you want a retractable roof or a pergola with intricate designs, details, and special features, you can give them clear instructions, and they will get the job done with jaw-dropping results.

  • Peace of Mind

    You can rest assured knowing that your dream pergola is installed correctly and expertly when you know that you have hired professionals. Professionals have years of experience and expertise to provide you with the best services.

Live like one of the royals and Egyptian high officials by opting to have your pergola installed by professionals instead of relying on DIY solutions in the construction of a pergola. Remember to always make your safety your priority. To make your dream pergola in Lafayette, LA, come true, contact our team of experts here at Gutters and More Construction, at 337-400-2641. You may also drop us an email at



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