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Proper Gutter Installation: Guides and Tips

If you are worried that your gutter will lessen the value of your home, there are many types of gutters you can choose from. Also, you can decide which material you want to use to boost the value of your home further! Either a copper or zinc gutter—you name it! If you are opting to upgrade your house by replacing your house gutter in Lafayette, LA, always opt for the best and most reliable services in your area.


You will need a variety of tools, such as a hacksaw, miter saw, socket set, aviation snips, pop rivet gun, cordless drill, ladder, and 4-inch hole saw bit, to install the gutter components. These components include your preferred gutter type, downspout length, corner joints, end caps, downspout brackets, hanging brackets, pop rivets, sheet metal screws, and lag screws.



Buckle up, because here is a fun step-by-step guide to gutter installation for beginners:

  • Maneuver Measurements

The first step in your gutter installation is knowing the measurements of your own home and using them to plan your project. This is an important part of the process because, without knowledge of your own home and thorough planning, the installation process will not be successful.

  • Por Favor Plan

Thorough planning of your gutter system or roof gutter installation in Lafayette, LA, will make everything work in your favor. As people often say, “An hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing.” So if you do not want to waste your efforts, you have to plan carefully!

  • Like Layouts?

Here comes the next step of your project, which involves the actual marking of where your gutters should be. Also, while following your plan, you can check your fascia boards to ensure the safety of your home. 

  • Brackets Be Buckled!

If you have successfully settled the routes of your gutters, it is time to attach the buckles to your fascia boards. Bear in mind that to avoid confusion, you have to mark each bracket location. Use lag screws to attach your brackets to the fascia boards.

  • Cut, Chop, or Carve?

After buckling the brackets, you have to attentively cut the gutters with precision, not chop or carve. You have to be sure that your measurements are exact. Use a miter saw to cut the lengths of the gutters.

  • Join Forces!

When attaching end caps with rivets or screws, you will need silicone glue to seal the edges and around each rivet or screw hole. If you opt for non-seamless gutters, the use of gutter sealant will be necessary to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Put Them in Place

After joining the different forces of your gutter, you can now cut the downspout holes and mount your gutters in place. Put each in place, but make sure to be careful when using a ladder. If this step seems difficult, have someone help you out. 


Join! Connect!


And lastly, it is time to join and connect everything. Connect the corners with strip miter joints. Join your downspouts and make sure that they properly drain the water. 


Does this guide look easy or difficult for you as a beginner? If you are not confident and are worried that you might just waste money and effort, you can always ask professionals to help you out with your home’s roof gutter installation in Lafayette, LA. To have the best results, contact our team of experts here at Gutters and More Construction at 337-400-2641. We also offer free estimates and consultations!



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