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What Are the Different Types of Pergolas?

Who would not want a pergola outside their homes? Not only does it enhance your outdoor space’s features, but it also draws people to admire its beauty, shades, and cozy feeling. Also, you can add unique details to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. This includes vine plants, chairs or lounges, a string of lights, fake or real flowers, and more. Pergolas in Lafayette, LA, are customizable, so you can be limitless in deciding and designing the size and shape of them.


Here are different types of pergolas that might enthrall you more in deciding the perfect one to have for your home:


  1. Freestanding


A freestanding pergola is also known as a ‘self-supported’ pergola. It is the most common type and is often found on patios, backyards, beside the pool, and in the yards of residential places. Freestanding pergolas are simple and may consist of wooden or steel pillars. However, others may use stones, bricks, or slats, depending on weather conditions. However, they can be dressed with cloth or insect netting, potted or hanging plants, and more.


  1. Attached


An attached pergola has the same features as a freestanding pergola. However, it is usually attached to the wall of your home, a patio, deck, commercial, or dining area. You can add special features too. Moreover, even with a regularly attached pergola, you can have a seamless transition from inside your home to the outside. 


  1. Arched

You will find this type of pergola usually with an arched roof consisting of nature-based designs, such as beautiful foliage, flowers, or vines. Though some are designed with standard slats or with cross beams on top. It can also be made of wood, steel, or aluminum. Arched pergolas found in commercial areas are showcased; therefore, they are designed with strings of light and hanging plans.


  1. Shaded


Shaded types of pergolas are often found in residential or tropical areas, and they usually have enclosed but state-of-the-art kinds of roofs. This is perfect for family gatherings, dates, or get-togethers. Also, some are adding cloth coverings or a canopy, which can be ideal for breezy days.


  1. Louvered or Modular


Louvered pergolas are more sophisticated and can have moveable rafters or roofs for weather purposes. This type of luxurious pergola has automatic systems that are ideal for any environmental conditions. Also, you can adjust the roofs to control the right amount of sunlight. 


  1. Awning 


Awning pergolas are also called floating pergolas. These are usually built outside commercial or business entrances. This has a compelling effect on buildings and is ideal for gatherings outdoors. Though some can also be found in residential areas where they are placed over a swimming pool or a patio, Awning pergola construction in Lafayette, LA

can also be constructed without pillars but can be customized with moveable rafters.

Have you decided which pergola you want for your home? Gutters & More Construction LAF can build your flawless pergola in Lafayette, LA. To avail of our exemplary and world-class services, reach us at 337-400-2641. Do not hesitate to message us with your inquiries at

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